Russian Synodal Bible

Bible Interface

Interface Buttons


Clicking the home button will return you to the main menu.

To change the book and/or chapter click on the text of the current reading location. There you can select the book and chapter to read. Clicking on the text of current reading location again will close this window and
Previous Chapter

Click to go to previous chapter. If current chapter is 1 then previous book will be open with the last chapter.

Next Chapter

Click to go to next chapter. If current chapter is the last chapter in current book then next book will be open with the first chapter.


Click the audio button to bring up audio settings. You can play the audio of open chapter. This feature needs to be enables in setting. By default, after enabling, it will only show up if device is connected to WiFi. Enable to use mobile network in settings.


Same as clicking on the text of the current book and chapter.


Needs network connection to work. Search can be enabled in settings. To search using mobile network enable it in settings also. Search terms need to be in Russian and 4 or more characters in length. For example searching for Бог will return no results because the term is shorter than 4 characters. When searching using multiple terms, verses that contain the most terms will appear first.

Settings of the application. Here you can change the language and the look of application. Also enable audio and search functionality 


Exits the application

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